Dream Home – Foyer and Living Room (DIM)

Dream Home - Foyer and Living Room (DIM)

Dream Home – Foyer and Living Room (DIM)
All are in DAZ DIM fomat.

This large, open-plan area provides a stunning entry point to the house, with a good view of the rear porch through large folding doors.

The high ceilings are complemented with decorative beams and ornate columns, while the spacious floor area is perfect for accommodating the finest furnishings.

This classy set features bespoke pieces that load into place, but can also be used in other rooms. Zeroed presets allow extra pieces to be easily added.

ec•lec•tic [i-klek-tik] — adjective: not following any one system, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

Good taste in interior design — the kind that does not come pre-packaged but springs from within — is a matter of choosing to surround yourself with that which you find appealing, and having each unique piece magically fall into a harmonious, esthetically pleasing symphony of décor.

Created to work with the Dream Home: Foyer and Living Room Furniture — London, these 3D poses for Victoria 4 and Michael 4 make it easy to set up a visit with friends and family.


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