Dragon Wraith Master Pose Control

Dragon Wraith Master Pose Control

Dragon Wraith Master Pose Control
Become the master of your Dragon Wraith! Designed exclusively for Arki’s Dragon Wraith, Dragon Wraith Master Pose Control gives you a set of pose control scripts for creating or enhancing poses for Dragon Wraith! To get you started, it includes 14 full poses and 49 partial poses for the Dragon Wraith. Written specifically for the bone structure of Arki’s Dragon Wraith, these pose scripts allow you to precisely target body parts of the Dragon Wraith. And, even better, they directly manipulate the bones of the Dragon Wraith and use none of the morph dials. Why is this important? Because this means that nothing in the poses is baked in, and mirrors can easily be created on your pose using Daz’s Symmetry Tool.
With just a couple of clicks and the Dragon Wraith Tail Control, easily twist, turn, or curl the tail of your Dragon Wraith. Easily create precise, sinuous, s-curves by applying the control twice, once from the base of the tail and once from the middle of the tail. Add a touch of randomization to give that real life look to the posing. With the Dragon Wraith Neck Control, you get the same precise control over the dragon’s neck without affecting the body or the head. Use the Dragon Wraith Wing Control to fold, cup, flap, and move wings forward and backward quickly and easily, plus perturbation for that lifelike look.
Finally, use the Dragon Wraith Randomize script to create new poses or enhance existing poses for selected body parts of your Dragon Wraith. By using knowledge of the Dragon Wraith bone structure, precisely target which body parts to randomize a little for a hint of realistic imperfection or randomize a lot to create new poses.
14 Full poses (7 poses and their mirrors) and 49 Partial poses are included with the package!
Since this product uses encrypted scripts, it cannot be used in versions of Daz Studio below


Required Product:dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton and Accessories

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