dForce Flags Of The World Collection

dForce Flags Of The World Collection

dForce Flags Of The World Collection

The dForce Flags Of The World Collection contains a collection of 100 flags from around the world for you to to add to your scenes for that international flavor!

Flags from Angola to Zimbabwe are included based on the top 100 populated countries in the world.

The collection features 3 separate models that you can apply the flag texture too.

The first model is called the draper flag which is a flat texture that you can as the name suggests drape over objects in your scene such as using the flag as a cape for sporting renders etc.

The Second model is the Hand Flag. This resizable model allows you to have your character holding a flag within your scene. in order to make this easier, the hand flag comes with an attached wind node blowing the flag in the correct direction.

The third model that comes with the collection is the flagpole flag this as the name suggests is mounted to a flagpole for use in your scenes. This too is fitted with a wind node so that all you will have to do is place the model and hit simulate.

Also included in the collection is a plain flag so you can overlay it with your own designs and a Pirate flag for those who like a little fun!

Get the dForce Flags Of The World Collection for your flag, country-specific, political, and other creative renders.


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