DeepSpace3D’s PosePack One for S’erbayen 08

DeepSpace3D's PosePack One for S'erbayen 08

DeepSpace3D’s PosePack One for S’erbayen 08
Xenotype Alert! The Xenobiology Council has issued a warning notice regarding the discovery of a new S’erbayen xenotype. Classification S’erbayen xenotype 08 has been added to the list of dangerous xenotypes and contact should be avoided at all costs. As with the other S’erbayen xenotypes encountered, the creature is attracted to human female pheremones. On no account should this creature be approached – you have been warned! PosePack One for DeepSpace3D’s S’erbayen Xenotype 08: Eight carefully matched poses for Victoria 4, 8 for the standard rigged S’erbayen 08 and 8 for the Poser 9 / PoserPro 2012 Weight Mapped S’erbayen 08.

Required Product:DeepSpace3D’s S’erbayen xenotype 08

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