CV-1 for Daz Adjusted (DIM for DS Only)

CV-1 for Daz Adjusted (DIM for DS Only)

CV-1 for Daz Adjusted (DIM for DS Only)

Adjustments made for the CV-1 for Poser and Daz by lwanmtr for the Police Car & Taxi models.

Changes I made:

– Corrected the File structure (the old was complete splitted and not fitting to your daz3d lib)

– Added big Preview images + some have a bigger/cooler if you hover your mouse over it (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

– Added Light to all the Police Lights + added some lights to the interior: The Police Laptop, the Police radio, the taxi price counter, maybe more; I forgot it :3

-Added Iray Base to all Materials.

! info: I used a base Metal shader (which contains an image!) from the standard daz3d shaders, I just assume everyone got them, its for the surface : “CV-M9-Headlight_side” (its one of the last surfaces from the car, nr 3 from the bottom).
Used shader: (surface tab. select presets at the top, not the editor), then iray->metal->cast iron. )

– Added a base driver pose for G8M EU/US Version, Adjusted for G8M base, but I assume no one sues the base, so have fun adjusting it ◑﹏◐ (you can indeed load the pose on G8F and then adjust it!) Ignore the feets in your renders, just place the camera, that you not see them 😉 Be not smart, be smarter! *badumm tzz*

– Added a new “full blue” version of one texture, to make the police lights fitting to EU cars, preset can be found in Material folder. make sure to select first the correct light prop!

THanks for reading, now go and hugg someone or spank someone? 😀

Your friendly spanker Spanky! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

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