Colonial Cyber Jail

Colonial Cyber Jail

Colonial Cyber Jail

Colonial Cyber Jail is a fantastic indoor environment to create stunning cinematic science-fiction scenes. We always want to offer you, our customers, higher quality products much faster. I hope you like this product too and have fun.

There have been a lot of discussions lately about ways of life outside the world. Have you ever thought about what space prisons would be like if we ever had to live in space? Would you like to take a look at our imagination?

The product consists of Jail and Staff modules and a corridor wall prop with openable doors with all parts and devices. You can add modules and make a jail or staff deck freely, but we created 3 scenes involving 7 parts with 3 different concepts, which are jail with iron door, jail with laser door, and staff corridor. In these scenes, you can use 3 different lights and 3 render setting alternatives (Day Light, Night Light, and Planet Light).

There are 3 door options, 2 for the jail rooms (iron and laser) and 1 staff door for the staff module. All of the doors have open and close options. Plus, you can change the lighting colors on the doors from material settings (red and green, which means open or closed). The laser door has blue and red color options.

There is also a bed prop that has a turn on/off light and a monitor prop.

There is also a planet prop with 3 different color options. It will be very useful to corroborate a 3-dimension feeling when positioned in outer space and seen from the windows.

Of course, don't forget to use camera settings. It comes from 10 stunning camera angels.

The models in this pack are modeled as high-quality, as well as low polygons as not to strain your PC, allowing you to use high realism without losing any performance. All of the textures are high-quality and extremely detailed. All of the meshes have their own high-quality textures.

Get the CJJ today and step into this mystical space.

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