Cogito Ergo SMASH Poses for Ogre HD

Cogito Ergo SMASH Poses for Ogre HD

Cogito Ergo SMASH Poses for Ogre HD
Not all ogres are two dimensional creatures. Let your Ogre HD character explore the full breadth of his being by letting him try on these handcrafted 3D digital poses designed especially for the Genesis 8 Male Ogre HD figure. From stomping on unsuspecting villages to clubbing one’s dinner, to contemplating one’s navel, these 17 (plus mirrors – 34 poses in total) poses will keep the big ol’ ogre happy.

Required Product :

While the product says it requires Troll HD for Floyd, it’s more a suggestion rather than a requirement as the club included in the Troll set was used in the creation of the poses requiring the weapon in this collection. You can easily swap out the club for a weapon of your choice, as the poses are not hierarchical pose presets (meaning that the pose information for the club is not embedded in the pose and will allow the ease of use when trading out for a different weapon.)

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, balance, and, in this case, fantastical realism.

What’s Included and Features
Cogito Ergo Smash poses for Ogre HD
17 poses + their mirrors for the Ogre HD(34 poses in total)
Barreling Down and Mirror
Howling and Mirror
Poised to Strike and Mirror
Like a Bug and Mirror
Me Thinking and Mirror
Crouch and Mirror
Threatening Display and Mirror
Hook Left
Hook Right
Ready and Mirror
Befuddled and Mirror
Caution and Mirror
Rage and Mirror
Threatening and Mirror
Ready to Smash and Mirror
Big Smash and Mirror
The Choice and Mirror
Heavy Load and Mirror
Left Hand Grip
Right Hand Grip
Left Hand Club
Right Hand Club

Required Product:Ogre HD for Genesis 8 Male

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