Canary’s Cameras

Canary's Cameras

Canary’s Cameras
Are you tired of sneaking up on your figures with the default camera? Have you ever put a figure into a large scene and couldn’t find them any more? When you load up a large prop, do you have nothing but a section of wall in your viewport? When you look at your perfect pose from a fresh angle, do you scream in frustration?

Canary’s Cameras solve all of these problems and more, making navigating your scene quick and easy.

Wearable camera sets for popular human and animal figures load up just like clothing, parented to follow the figure while you create your scene, with detail views of hands, faces, wings and tails. Use the camera drop-down to jump right to the view you want, no matter your figure’s pose or location.

Organized scene camera sets are placed in 8 compass positions at two heights, in sets ranging in distance from the center of the scene (0 position) to 20K translation on the Z and/or X axes. Top-down cameras range from a Y-translate value of 300 up to 50K so you can see everything in your scene, no matter how vast.

Whether your scene is small, large, or enormous, and with support for figures ranging from Aiko 3 up through Genesis 8 Male & Female, plus dogs, cats, and dragons, Canary’s Cameras will help you get the most out of your posing and scene creation workflow.

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