Caged for Imprisonment

Caged for Imprisonment

Caged for Imprisonment
This is not only an add on texture package, but also includes a new set of props to use with and without the Imprisonment Cage Dress! These props can only be found in the add on, modeled and textured by Sveva.

Whats Included:

– 05 Unique High quality Props with matching textures to use both with and without the cage dress, the props will load from the Props Library of Poser and come in the following sizes & groups:

– 08 Single Props that will load to the right of V4 in different sizes that include:

– 01 Star in 3 sizes
– 02 Gears (2 different props/textures)
– 01 Heart in 2 sizes
– 01 Clock

– 07 Smart Props that will load parented to the cage hip INSIDE the cage dress and include:

– 01 Single Star & 2 Star Groups
– 01 Single Heart & 1 Heart Group
– 02 Gear/Clock Groups

…these props can be re-sized and moved where ever you want using the control dials, you can use them with and without the dress…

– 03 Unique high detail, high quality texture sets for the Imprisonment Outfit

– 03 Mat Poses for the Top
– 03 Mat Poses for the Gloves
– 03 Mat Poses for the Choker
– 06 Mat Poses for the Cage (with & without checkerboard floor)

– 15 Mat Poses Total

Promos Rendered in Poser Pro 2012

Not Tested in DAZ Studio
Character, Hair, Jewelry, Clothes NOT Included (props ARE included)
This is a texture & Prop pack only.

Required Product:Imprisonment V4

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