Bricia for G8F

Bricia for G8F

Bricia for G8F
If something can be defined this double character for G8F is sweetness,
her beautiful and childish face and the depth of his eyes.
Bricia is so beautiful that you can not stop doing renders her.
Your make-up options combine all together, creating an infinite number of final versions.
Bricia for G8F are two beautiful women and a great addiction for their Runtime!

2 Characters Preset
1 Head INJ and REM files
2 Body INJ and REM files
1 INJ and REM file for Lashes
1 INJ and REM Square Morph for Nails
3 Full Skin Shaders
1 Normal Maps ON
1 Normal Maps REM
1 INJ and REM for Displacement Lips
9 Nails Options
9 Eyes Options

Mix and Macth Options for Makeups:
9 Makeup Options for each Skin Shaders
12 Color Add for lips (Work with Makeups too)
9 Eyerliners Options
6 Colors Options for Eyerliners
9 Glitter EyeShadows

And more!!!

REM files for Makeups, EyerLiners and Eyerliner Colors, Glitter Add for Makeup, Lips Add, Eyes and Nails

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