Beesagul Well HD

Beesagul Well HD

Beesagul Well HD

Deep in the forest there is an old well. It’s so old nobody remembers who built it, or the strange pillars that surround it. The area has been used for rituals and ceremonies in the past, and there are rumors that the water in the well has magic properties…

The Beesagul Well HD comes with Well, Pillars, surrounding Nature foliage, and an assortment of materials to choose from according to your needs. This Well is ready for, well, anything you can think of that involves water coming from a historic and revered source.

Get the Beesagul Well HD to bring a bit of mysterious magic to your renders as well!

Beesagul Well HD: (.DUF)
Beesagul Nature Only
Beesagul One Pillar
Beesagul Three Pillars
Beesagul Well
Beesagul Sphere Material06
Materials Iray:
Beesagul Nature Only
Beesagul One Pillar
Beesagul Pillar01 Material01
Beesagul Pillar01 Material02
Beesagul Pillar01 Material03
Beesagul Pillar01 Material04
Beesagul Pillar02 Material01
Beesagul Pillar02 Material02
Beesagul Pillar02 Material03
Beesagul Pillar02 Material04
Beesagul Sphere Material01
Beesagul Sphere Material02
Beesagul Sphere Material03
Beesagul Sphere Material04
Beesagul Sphere Material05
Beesagul Sphere Material07
Beesagul Sphere Material08
Beesagul Three Pillars
Beesagul Water Material01
Beesagul Water Material02
Beesagul Water Material03
Beesagul Water Material04
Beesagul Well Well Material01
Beesagul Well Well Material02
Beesagul Well Well Material03
Beesagul Well Well Material04
Beesagul Well
Textures Include:
57 Texture, Base Color, Normal, Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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