Battle Cat

Battle Cat

Battle Cat
Cry Havoc! And let slip the cats of war.

If you need a battle buddy, what could be better than a fearsome cat with fangs? But your cat is not immune to weapons, and will need some armor.

Battle cat is armor tailor-made for your big cat, so you can make him look fierce in battle, but protect him at the same time. The back of the cat is also covered in armor, but doubles as a saddle your characters can actually ride upon (with handles for holding on) Complete with tail spikes for bashing and whipping, no one will want to mess with this kitty!

Also includes a special morph that scales the cat up (suitably dwarfing any characters you use in riding scenarios) and a special morph that hides the whiskers for the face plates. There are extra materials too, so you can change the armor to match your scenery, be it desert or jungle. Last, but certainly not least, cat poses are also included to get you started, which work in tandem with included poses for Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 2 Male, to make them beast riders.
You will have everything you need to emerge the ultimate victor of any war thrown in your general direction. Rawwwwr!

Required Product:Daz Big Cat 2

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