BAT’s Goth Dress Raikoh A3

BAT's Goth Dress Raikoh A3

BAT’s Goth Dress Raikoh A3
This pack are conform clothes.


– Character,hair,skintextures is not included in this pack.
– By the reasons of structure, There is a limit of conform.
– This pack has a cross talk problem.
– If used by Poser5,6 and Poser7, Please check-off a smooth polygon.
– I am not testing in the DAZ studio.
– In the state of default, FBM(PBM) can be operated with the body dial of the outfit.
– Please fine-tune the Morph dial according to Pose.
– When you use Poser7, Please do not make “Ignore shader tree” effective in the Poser4 rendering mode.

Included FBM and PBM:

A3 edition Belt: Voluptuous,Realistic,GluteSmall
A3 edition Boots: Voluptuous,Realistic
A3 edition Jacket: Voluptuous,Realistic,Nipple,BreastSize4,BreastSize2
A3 edition Skirt: Voluptuous,Realistic,GluteSmall

V3 edition Belt: Voluptuous,ThighWide,HipNarrow
V3 edition Boots: Voluptuous,ThighWide,Faerie
V3 edition Jacket: WaistNarrow,Voluptuous,Faerie,BreastSize8,BreastSize7,BreastSize4
V3 edition Skirt: WaistNarrow,Voluptuous,ThighWide,HipNarrow,Faerie

V4 edition Belt: Young,Voluptuous,Thin,ThighsThickness,Fitness
V4 edition Boots: Young,Voluptuous,Thin,ThighsThickness,Fitness
V4 edition Jacket: Young,Voluptuous,Thin,ForearmsThickness,Fitness,BreastsSize,BreastsCleavage,BicepsFlex,ArmSize
V4 edition Skirt: Young,Voluptuous,Thin,ThighsThickness,Fitness

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