Amazing Horizons for Iray Worlds-Plus (Updated Link)

Amazing Horizons for Iray Worlds-Plus (Updated Link)

Amazing Horizons for Iray Worlds-Plus (Updated Link)

Amazing Horizons is an add on Pak to Iray Worlds-Plus that gives you an extra 23 new scenes with incredible custom background horizons and matching skies and grounds.

It includes a setup scene and an extra mist prop for inner mists, plus over 50 textures including nearly 40 custom horizon textures.

There are also new morphs on the Iray Worlds-Plus Horizons bringing the total morphs to 19 including randomizing and stacking, this makes them even more verstatile, and there is also a new Inner-Mist Horizon for mist effects closer Horizon Scenes.

This brings the total amount of usable Horizons to 5 for total versatility within “Amazing Horizons.”
Iray Worlds-Plus

If you don’t have it, you can get it at a discounted price along with Amazing Horizons and The Dwelling is also available separately.
Iray Worlds-Plus is not a small program by any means, however, it’s still it’s very easy to use and its basically a click and set program.
It also includes many pre-made scenes (Iray Worlds-Plus Images show these scenes) you can also create your own ultra-realistic scenes complete
with sun positions, color, range and a variety of light emitting Skies, a variety of ground covers, many types of plants, ultra-realistic grass
plus a large variety of trees and much more.
Please read the Iray Worlds-Plus.pdf for an explanation of how to use the program.
Amazing Horizons makes this massively powerful program even more versatile.

When Amazing Horizons is added to the already available Iray Worlds-Plus package you will arguably have the most powerful real-world creation kit that’s available for Daz Studio.

Required Product:Iray Worlds-Plus

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