Albert Mansion

Albert Mansion

Albert Mansion

At the edge of the dark swampy forest sits an abandoned mansion...

The Albert Mansion, with highly detailed textures and a cinematic atmosphere, is perfect for your horror scene.

This set contains multiple foliage props and a highly realistic abandoned mansion, all are ready to render in Iray. The preload scene has material and light set up along with cameras presets.

For those who like realistic environments, the Albert Mansion is a must-have. You'll love the photo-realism and Hollywood movie-like atmosphere you get with this slightly creepy and once-regal atmosphere!

What's Included and Features
Albert Mansion (.DUF)
Preload subsets:
Albert Mansion Day time preload scene
Albert Mansion Night time preload scene
Single Load Props:
AM Animal skull
AM Board walkway section 01
AM Board walkway section 02
AM Board walkway section 03
AM Board Walkway
AM Bone 01
AM Bone 02
AM Bone 03
AM Bone collection
AM Bone deco 01
AM Branch 01
AM Branch 02
AM Branch 03
AM Bush group
AM Bushes 01
AM Bushes 02
AM Cage 01
AM Cage 02
AM Cage cover
AM Cage group 01
AM Cage group 02
AM Chair
AM Chest bone
AM Crow 01
AM Crow 02
AM Daytime Fog
AM Dead Tree 01
AM Dead Tree 02
AM Dead Tree 03
AM Dead Tree 04
AM Glass shards
AM Goat Skull
AM Grass 01
AM Grass 02
AM Grass 03
AM Grass 04
AM Grass 05
AM Ground
AM interior light
AM Lumber Stash
AM Mansion
AM Nighttime Fog
AM Plant bed
AM Plant set 01
AM Plant set 02
AM Plant set 03
AM Plant set 04
AM Plant set 05
AM Plant set 06
AM Planter
AM Plywood
AM Skull 01
AM Skull 02
AM Small bushes 01
AM Small bushes 02
AM Table
AM Tall Totem 01
AM Tall Totem 02
AM Tree 01
AM Tree 02
AM Tree group 01
AM Tree group 02
AM Tree group 03
AM Tree group 04
AM Tree group 05
AM Tree group 06
AM Tree group 07
AM Trellis
AM Wooden Standee 01
AM Wooden Standee 02
AM Wooden Standee 03
Material Options:
Ground All-in-one material preset
Mansion All-in-one material preset
Render setting preset:
AM Daytime render setting
AM Nighttime render setting
DAZ Default setting
Textures Include:
340 Texture, Bump, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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