Ahura for Genesis 8 Female

Ahura for Genesis 8 Female

Ahura for Genesis 8 Female

A new collaboration from Handspan Studios and Thorne Works, Ahura is a unique and radiant dark-skinned beauty for Genesis 8 Female with a carefully crafted realistic texture set.

She has three skin translucency options and a Dark Shade preset which gives her skin a range of possible skin tones. Her eyes have 6 color options. She comes with a No Brow options for use with any fiber mesh brow. She has a custom painted brow texture (shown in the promo images). Her textures are 4096×4096, with 10 lip and 8 full makeup options, an eyeliner only preset and 8 eye shadow shades, and textures for anatomical elements with and without body hair.

Ahura has optional tribal or festival face-paint texture in addition to her makeup options. Glitter Dust in Gold, Silver and Rose can be used with or without other makeup. Her makeup is made with transparency masks and the diffuse overlay, metallic flakes and topcoat channels so you can customize her makeup color parameters if you like, using these presets as a starting point. Masks include one full makeup, two lips and one eye shadow along with the mask for the glitter dust, plus normal maps for Limbs, Torso, Face, Gen with and without body hair, Eyes and Mouth.

She has new roughness maps which improve how her skin renders. Includes easy to apply Shaping and MAT poses for all her maps and other options. Daz Genesis 8 Female Head and Daz Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs are required for the character shape. *If you do not have the morphs, she is shown in the last promo image without the Daz Head and Body morphs. If you use her shaping presets without them installed, this is how she will look. The maps and MAT poses can be used with any Genesis 8 or Genesis 3 Female based character.

Ahura has separate morphs for her head and body shapes so you can use just the face or just the body easily with your other favorite shapes. There are Shaping dials for each as well, both for each of the morphs and a CTRL dial that will apply head and body morphs together for you. She comes with a custom smile expression that has a shaping dial, also a mat to make the teeth less bright as some lights make for more tooth glare than others. She has a Skin Less Shiny option as well for your convenience.

What’s Included and Features
Ahura for Genesis 8 Female: (.DUF)
Character Preset
Head Apply/Remove
Body Apply Remove
Nipples Apply/Remove
Ahura Smile Apply/Remove
Ahura Iris
Materials Iray
Ahura All Maps
Ahura All Maps Gen Hair
Ahura All Maps Gen
Ahura Gen Hair Normals Off
Ahura Gen Hair Normals On
Ahura Gen Normals Off
Ahura Gen Normals On
Ahura Eyeliner On
Ahura Skin Shine Less
Ahura Translucency Dark
Ahura Translucency Light
Ahura Translucency Medium
06 Ahura Lips Material Options
08 Ahura Makeup Options
08 Ahura no Brow Makeup Options
Ahura Makeup Tribal
Ahura Glitter Dust Gold
Ahura Glitter Dust Rose
Ahura Glitter Dust Silver
Ahura Shadow Blue
Ahura Shadow Bronze
Ahura Shadow Copper
Ahura Shadow Jade
Ahura Shadow Mauve
Ahura Shadow Mist
Ahura Shadow Seafoam
Ahura Shadow Violet
Ahura Eyes Blue
Ahura Eyes Brown
Ahura Eyes Gold
Ahura Eyes Green
Ahura Eyes Grey
Ahura Eyes Violet
Ahura Lashes
Ahura No Brow Normals Off
Ahura No Brow Normals On
Ahura No Brow
Ahura Normals Off
Ahura Normals On
Ahura Teeth Less Bright
Render settings
Ahura Portrait Render Setting
Textures Include:
68 Texture, Bump, Normal, Reflection, Specular, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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