Adventurer's Toybox, Vehicles Edition - Full Modular Kit

Adventurer's Toybox, Vehicles Edition - Full Modular Kit

Adventurer's Toybox, Vehicles Edition - Full Modular Kit

We here at Haille Valley are proud and excited to present to you, our loyal customers, the Adventurer's Toybox, Vehicles Edition - Full Modular Kit! It's a bit of a mouthful, which is why we've been abbreviating it to the ATVE Mods Kit for our past products. This said, we have a rather extensive list of items for you in this kit, so grab a seat and look up. Our kit is divided into a few 'easy to grasp' categories. A further listing is provided below.

Bodies: 5 pieces. Fills out the dead spaces.
Cores: 6 pieces. The main units of the vehicle kit.
Engines: 8 pieces. Makes the vehicle go vroom.
Extras: Our modular kit, of course, comes with our signature racing helm, as well as a Reaction Control System.
Weapons: 6 pieces. Makes others into dead spaces.
Wings: 11 Pieces. Provides lift and control.
We wish you the best of luck, enjoyment, and many hours of happy bashing.

Artist's Notes: Please be aware that some of the numberings of the different parts skip one or two. No, you are not imagining things, I just ran out of patience and/or coffee.

Second note: When dealing with the Hoverboard poses, they work the same way as the previous SOA Board product did.

Use the wearables pose to spawn a board in a premade pose.
Use the H poses to manipulate an already spawned board and user.
Use the lower body poses AFTER you have previously selected a pose for the upper body. This will allow you to do things like carry crates, flags, weapons, etc.
Third note: The Armored Pod core is the only one with an ejectable lid. It comes with dials to pose the lid individually, though it might be awkward to place. This is intentionally designed for escape pods, though you can use it for whatever you desire.

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