1stB Mirrored Finish Props and Vignettes

1stB Mirrored Finish Props and Vignettes

1stB Mirrored Finish Props and Vignettes

Mirrored Finish is a fun and useful collection of mirrored props and vignettes that offer unique and versatile rendering possibilities. Small vignettes already pre-lit with ready-to-render cameras setups within the scene are arranged with placement poses for Genesis 8 Female, so can produce interesting images with astounding reflective surfaces.

The individual props included can be placed into any scene. There are also well-balanced lighting emitters, both flat and parabolic, that provide a balanced light within the scenes for better reflections. There is also an enclosed room prop that negates all lighting from default HDRI.

Included is a mirrored finish Iray shader so you can apply a mirrored finish to any surface you choose.

There are 3 funhouse mirrors, offering ‘skinny,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘upside-down’ options, a plate-glass wall mirror, an organic giant sculpt, the convex surveillance mirror is often seen in store aisles, a singularity distortion mirror vignette, orbs and lamp vignette, a tri-panel fashion mirror vignette, a smart propped mirror ball, and a trapped corner vignette.

Get 1stB Mirrored Finish Props and Vignettes wherever you need an intriguing reflective surface.


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