1stB Donation Bin Prop

1stB Donation Bin Prop

1stB Donation Bin Prop

Donation bins offer a quick and efficient way to share clothing items and housewares with those less fortunate in the community. Usually attached to community centers and places of worship, these donation bins can be accessed from a parking lot or open area so drop-offs are as painless as possible. Charity is giving back and helping others. Neighbors help neighbors while thinking globally and acting locally.

The 1stB Donation Bin Prop offers an opportunity to give back. Made of solid steel construction, this bin has seen lots of use and is holding up well against the natural elements outside. A bit of rust is showing on the edges, but the metal paint and signage is maintaining its integrity. There are structural roof crane hoist clasps on top and forklift glides at the base allowing for either form of transport and placement. The unit is sitting on 2×2 concrete tiles to protect the bin from pooling water. This bin can be placed in any downtown, urban-type environment or scene.

Both the main hopper intake and the access door of the side are hinged and can be opened and closed. Tamper-proof steel shielding protects the keyed padlock from prying crowbar abuse. The hopper is designed to stop attempted thievery with a metal plate blocker on the inside that makes entry impossible from on top. You should be able to fill the bottom on the bins with whatever dForce clothing you might have lying around. Plenty of material zones are available for customization.


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