Dildo Play For Genesis 8 Female

Toy Play For G8F

Toy Play For G8F
A beautiful set of 20 poses for Genesis 8 Female sucking and playing with
a dildo. The package also includes matching poses for Meipe’s Golden
Palace genital and DB XXX’s “Realistic Dildo” (not included).

Other Genital’s and dildos can work with this pose set, however you will
need to make slight adjustments as the included genital and dildo poses
will not work.

All poses are set on the ground. You can however easily adjust the poses
to be on a bed or couch by simply adjusting the Genesis 8 y-translate
slider to raise the figure up.

These poses will also work with Victoria 8 and other Genesis 8 based
characters. You may however need to make some slight adjustments as
all body shapes are a little different.

Characters, Hair, Props, Realistic Dildo, Expressions and Golden Palace NOT included.


Required Product:Realistic Dildo

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