[reallusion props] Presidential Limousine

[reallusion props] Presidential Limousine

[reallusion props] Presidential Limousine

PRODUCT: PRESIDENTIAL LIMOUSINEThis pack includes a replica of the famous USA armored presidential limousine, nicknamed “The Beast”. It has optimized meshes to ensure a great performance in real time animations and PBR textures providing very realistic aspect.

The model has several mobile parts to facilitate realistic animations even inside of the vehicle. So the doors and trunk can be opened, the door windows and the separation panel can slide down and up and other parts like the steering wheel, the pedals or the gear selector can be animated independently.

The vehicle has embedded Physics Toolbox scripts to actually drive it in real time over iClone’s terrains, while the motions are automatically recorded. It simplifies a lot the animation of the vehicle ensuring a natural match between the rotation of the wheels, the steering and the translation of the car while following the terrain. (Remember that to use the Toolbox Physics controllers, iClone’s Bullet Engine has to be activate)

The vehicle also includes additional scripts controlling:
- Wipers activation
- Independent indicator lights activation (Left, Right, Warnings)
- Brake lights ON/OFF
- Reverse lights ON/OFF

Some materials of the vehicle are ready to become light emissive like the front and back lights, the dashboard and the interior cabin lights, that can actually illuminate the scene. (IClone’s GI must be activated).

The flags and insignias can be easily changed just dragging and dropping the new images over their diffuse maps in the material manager. They can also be hidden sliding their opacity to zero leaving the limousine ready for civilian purposes.

Finally, the pack also supplies the “Bullet Engine Switcher” to deactivate and activate the Bullet physics properties on the vehicles. This is especially useful in scenes containing more than one interactive vehicle, allowing us to drive them one by one, not overwriting the previous recordings.

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*For CC v3.22 or above; iC v7.72 or above.
File Format: iprop


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