PS-Roxanne Expansion for V4

PS-Roxanne Expansion for V4

PS-Roxanne Expansion for V4
Kalud, the Usurper, haggard and pale, woke with a sharp outcry as he sat huddled like a craven corpse upon his throne. Once mighty and proud, his eyes now gleamed with a madness that left him all but crippled and frail. His sleep, what little there was, was only one of nightmares. His hand clutched anxiously for the hilt of his sword, a vain hope to find comfort and renew his courage. But the metal seemed cold and unfamiliar to the hand that had so oft wield it with skill, victoriously in battle. An icy chill crept down his spine. She was coming. The Warrior Witch-daughter was coming! Curse his generals! Curse his troops! How many had he crucified, flayed alive, drawn and quartered! For failing his command. Bring her to me! Dead or Alive! Yet still Roxanne lived, and her existence made him tremble. In waking hours and in dreams, he saw her face before him – though his eyes had never beheld her in the flesh. Yet he knew each line and curve. Her battle cry echoed in the silent halls of his mind, reverberating to his soul. He was still a man! Strong! Of good years and health! Yet, he quivered like one who lingered at death’s door. Surely this was some trick, some enchantment. Sorcery only worked on the feeble minded. He must shake it off. He must laugh with defiance. He was Kalud! His every whim was law! He feared nothing! No one! Yet, the vision remained burned in his thoughts. Roxanne, fresh from the battle. Her eyes ablaze. Her hair askew. Her body, her ax, her shield, her garments splotched and splattered with dirt and blood. While at her feet, and all about her, for as far as the eye could see, lay the dead and the dying – all that remained of his once might army. And now she was coming. Coming for him. He clutched his hands to his throat and choked back a muffled cry and shook violently again. Roxanne was coming for his head. And Kalud laughed, a laugh of madness and despair.

This set includes:

MATs and Textures for our Roxanne character to help give that dirty-battle-scarred look you expect of any great barbarian warrior – Please note – Roxanne for V4 is required – this is an expansion set, not a stand alone texture set and some MAT options use textures from our main Roxanne set.

~ 15 Main (Full Character, dirty-battle skin) texture MAT options: Bruises; Cuts; Cuts-Bruises; Dirt; Dirt-Cuts-Bruises; with Pubic Hair On/Off options for each
~ Also many Partial MAT options for mixing and matching with Roxanne default (clean textures) or dirty (battle) texture options from either set, such as:
~ 1 Sclera Dirty (for blood shot eyes)
~ 5 Dirty (battle) Face MAT options to match the Main dirty (battle) skin options, but the MATs are for (mixing and matching) the Face only.
~ 3 Face Tattoo options, these match the tribal markings in our Roxanne (clean) set, but with cuts, dirt, bruises, etc.. added for a more battle hardened look
~ 1 Cut Lip Matte & 1 Cut Lip Gloss MAT options
~ 1 Teeth_Dirty MAT option
~ 5 Dirty (battle) MAT options for Arms & Legs (only) to mix and match dirty skin options: Bruises; Cuts; Cuts-Bruises; Dirt; Dirt-Cuts-Bruises
~ 5 Dirty (battle) MAT options for Arms_Only, to mix and match dirty skin options: Bruises; Cuts; Cuts-Bruises; Dirt; Dirt-Cuts-Bruises
~ 5 Dirty (battle) MAT options for Legs_Only, to mix and match dirty skin options: Bruises; Cuts; Cuts-Bruises; Dirt; Dirt-Cuts-Bruises
~ 3 Dirty Nail MAT options: Fingernails (only), Toenails (only) or Both (fingernails and toenails).
~ 5 Dirty (battle) MAT options for Torso (only) to mix and match dirty skin options: Bruises; Cuts; Cuts-Bruises; Dirt; Dirt-Cuts-Bruises
~ 6 Dirty (battle) Second Skin clothing MAT options, Top, Bottom, and Both, and same with Tattoos options, plus 1 SecondSkin_Off MAT
~ 6 Tattoo Options, All, ArmL, ArmR, ArmRL, Leg, Torso, plus 1 No_Tattoo Mat to restore default (clean) textures

The MAT folders are set up to work in association with those in the MATs from the Roxanne set, making it very easy to customize the look using the many different MAT options available.

Here is a brief comparison of the Roxanne and companion sets:

Roxanne – This package contains the inj. poses and textures to make the (clean) default Roxanne character. It also includes tattoo and second skin clothing Mat options along with 14 face expressions, and 10 poses based on the Rilaun clothing and props – however you may use your own as those (Rilaun) are recommended but not required.

Roxanne_Expansion – This set contains additional textures and MATs for our Roxanne character. You will need to own the Roxanne character set as these textures are based on the default (clean) textures from that set, and provide additional options such as dirty, bruised, cut, cut and bruised, and similar battle-type options. Along with dirty options for the tattoos and second skin clothing found in the Roxanne set. These textures are also designed to match with those found in the Rilaun and Rilaun_Weapons sets.

Required Product:PS-Roxanne for V4

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