NDFP Akhane Horns for Genesis 9


NDFP Akhane Horns for Genesis 9
"NDFP Akhane Horns" expands upon NDFP Akhane's demon concept by providing two sets of horns loaded together with socket morphs to help their placement and a Geoshells to apply a texture transition that ranges from subtle to savage.

While this product conceptually ties to our NDFP Akhane for Genesis 9 Character, the product isn't a requirement. Everything included here can be used on any Genesis 9 Character (feminine or masculine), regardless of skin settings or shaders.


|| NDFP Akhane Horns is a STAND-ALONE product. ||


The pack includes the following applications:

Horn Props & Socket Morph | A wearable preset will load the two sets of Horns (small and big) alongside the socket morph that ensues their proper placement. The props are static followers which can be toggled on & off easily. This pack also provides 17 Horn Hierarchical Material Preset (three different styles plus variations) and two Shaping Presets (to toggle the sockets on and off).

Face Fx Geoshell Wearable | This Geoshell is set up to provide a transition between the underlying skin of your character and the Horns for a non-destructive and flexible workflow. These H.MATs should work on any G9 character. Like the Horns, we provide 17 matching Hierarchical Material Preset (three styles plus variations). Two Styles come with alternate transition masks (seven Hierarchical Mask Presets in total) for even more variation. And to help with the blending, we included four Intensity Presets to help you control the opacity of the shell, which is helpful for more subtle approaches.

To get you started, we provide six pre-combined Hierarchical Material Presets, two for each of the Main Styles (concepts): Crystal, Death, and Deity. And because we value the importance of customization, we also provided information scripts to help you manually adjust the Geoshell settings and/or troubleshoot the Shell.

Remember that since Geoshells are a non-destructive way of adding details to your character, you can comfortably venture out and tweak, refine, and change the Geoshell's settings to your heart's content. Reverting those changes would be as easy as re-applying a Hierarchical Material Preset or deleting the Shell and re-applying it!

Quickly turn your character into a demon with this pack! Whether your character will be a mischievous devil that enjoys chaos, a demon who is secretly a softy, or a ruthless villain wishing for the world's destruction, we hope this pack helps you show that story!
Genesis 9

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