MYNAHX 2 Boots

MYNAHX 2 Boots

MYNAHX 2 Boots

MYNAHX 2 boots are a hot boots set for Genesis 8 Females, comes with 4 base IRAY preset. Black, Red,  BlackRed1, BlackRed2, plus 2 different transparency preset for the Boots.

First apply 1 of the 4 base mats, after you can apply any of the transparency settings, when you apply 1 of the base mats, that will set back the transparency settings to zero!

You can use any color option, just apply the BASE mat preset (black) go to surface tab and change the base color (on any chosen surface).


Suit was tested only on G8F female, and her shapes like heavy, BodyBuilder…etc… Victoria 8 and other characters were NOT TESTED!

NOTE!!!! If you apply any base Mat presets it sets back all transparency to Zero, you need to apply again the transp mat presets and any ON/OFF presets!

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