MetaMixer Toolkit

MetaMixer Toolkit

MetaMixer Toolkit

The MetaMixer Toolkit is a Daz Studio tool that enables users to create unique faces from a selection of previously released characters via add-ons for Metamixer. Effortlessly blend and perfect character features with pinpoint accuracy in real-time, all with an easy-to-use viewport UI.

This is achieved by doing a targeted blend of several areas of the face like the nose, eyes, inner lips, outer brow, and so on. There are hundreds of controls that cover the entire area of the face and neck. You’ll also have the option to combine HD details of different characters in the same way — the control is in your hands.

Included character presets:

The MetaMixer Toolkit comes with everything you need to begin using MetaMixer in Daz Studio. While owning a base character will always be the best way to benefit from full-body features, MetaMixer Add-Ons allow you to use that character’s head shape in MetaMixer whether or not the character is in your library. This toolkit includes 4 add-ons to get you started:

Holt 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
The Brute 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
Nida 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
Twosret 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
The resulting characters can be saved as custom MetaMixer presets.

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