Look At My Hair 1.6 *WORKING*

Look At My Hair 1.6 *WORKING*

Look At My Hair 1.6 *WORKING*
NOW UPDATED TO VERSION 1.6! See Feature List for new features.

After buying the 1.6 Store version, please come and join the All Customer Beta Program at: http://bugzilla.look-at-my-hair.com/

Look at my Hair is a revolutionary plugin designed for DAZ Studio 4.5 that allows you to apply fur and hair to virtually any object or model.

The workflow is easy and straightforward thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Once you have loaded a model you can define follicle areas, grow the hair and style it as a real barber would do by combing, cutting and even scaling the hair.

In addition to styling there is also a wide range of deformers available that allow you to shape the hair and quickly define a basic model that you can further refine by applying frizz effects, random roots and lengths, and much, much more.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Look at my Hair includes density maps which are extremely useful by allowing you to paint directly on the model in 3D and define the hair density for each surface.

The material setup window is used to apply one of the available human hair color presets, specify your own colors, or apply model texture maps that will be used to gather additional hair colors.

Once you are satisfied with the result of your creation, the plugin allows you to export the hair as RenderMan curves, a collection of .obj files or you can even use instancing and replace hair with any object of your choice.

Don't forget to bookmark and visit the Look at my Hair blog at www.furrythings.com regularly.

New presets will be added to the existing library, providing you with an excellent from whic to kick start your furry creations collection.

More detailed information is available in the manual available from the ReadMe page.

I am also available to provide the best technical support I can as well as useful tips and tricks.

New in 1.6:
The Material Dialog has been changed to only show those surfaces that are actually used. This will allow for better control since the user will not have to search through the full list guessing which are used.
Fixed issues of note:
Density maps should no longer crash the plugin upon save
Custom density map assignment optimized
Several bugs and stability changes
New in 1.5:
FIBERHAIR: LAMH will now create optimized FiberHair for rendering in Poser, Vue, Maya, LuxRender, Octane Standalone, and other external packages.
This new feature allows the user to apply compression to the fibers to control the size of the exported hairs.
LAMH will include the UV.s and custom textures with the FiberHairs, providing a complete asset to be used with external packages.
FiberHairs are useful for rendering in LuxRender via Reality or Luxus via DAZ Studio, or for writing out to DAZ Studio for export with a scene that is intended for rendering in another external package.
LAMH FiberHairs are similar in output to the features in other $600.00+ packages... with advantages – price, ease of use, and unparalleled support.
For maximum compatibility, LAMH provides the option to write the FiberHairs to .OBJ format for loading into the package of your choice.
DAZ Studio Interface Connection: The same pane that has been available in the FREE Look at my Hair Player is now available in the Full Plugin. Load Presets and quickly change settings in the scene without opening the full editor.
Operate on Items Directly in the Scene: Add LAMH assets to Figures/Props just like adding Clothes, Textures, or Shaders. There is no need to enter the editor just because the position, pose, or morphs changed. Even changing a Genesis figure from Michael to Victoria can be accomplished without intervention by the main interface.
Multi-Figure: Apply LAMH assets to several Figures/Props in a scene.
Switch Figures in the Editor: Switch to any item in the scene for furring without exiting. The last pose and camera position used is maintained to allow for easy manipulation.
Interactive Sync: LAMH Asset's guides will automatically follow the movement, poses, and morphs of the figure in the DAZStudio Viewport.
Interactive Viewport: LAMH's Creation/Edit Viewport will automatically reflect changes in the DAZ Studio scene without user intervention.
Human Hair Shader: The same realistic Human Hair Shading technology found in feature films is now yours for use with LAMH assets in DAZ Studio.
GeoGrafting Support: Supports most features of DAZ Studio's GeoGrafting system. This includes posing for those grafts that are rigged – tails, wings, etc.
Adjustable Hair Control Point Locking: Have part of that hair exactly where you want it? Set it to stay. Do you need it to adjust just a little, the lock can be set to resist movement instead of stopping it altogether.
Enhanced Texture Control: Set your LAMH hairs to absorb the underlying textures, your own custom textures... OR, turn textures off and go TECHNICOLOR! Want Anime Style Pink fur/hair? Go for it!
New floor plane in the LAMH Viewport: A translucent floor has been added to show where the “ground” is. Now when you are creating that hair for your Rapunzel, you know when you've reached the floor. The floor can be turned off for those who find it distracting.
Direct Support for SubSurface Scattering: Including the Age of Armour SSS product in the store.
.DUF support: Save figures with the LAMH assets already applied! On loading, the hair/fur will already be there and “ready-to-render”.
Custom saving/loading of Density Maps: Use your favorite painting package in conjunction with LAMH's built-in 3D Density Painter.
New Creation Toolbar: Visual Selection of tools on our new toolbar in addition to keyboard shortcuts that customers have learned.
Multiple Control Point Setting: Need a section of hair to be more detailed? 1.07 allows for ShaveGroup independent control points. From 10 to over 100 control points for specialized control of your creations
Undo/Redo for Styling: Available right from the interface toolbar.
Preview Hairs: See an approximation of the actual hair without rendering. Switch from showing only the guides (for speed), all the way up to the full number of rendered hairs -- All in the DS Viewport.
Spot Rendering: Full support of the Spot Render feature of DAZ Studio. See the actual rendered fur/hairs when using the DAZ Studio Spot Rendering mode.
High-Resolution Mesh Rendering: Set the figures to the High-Resolution Mesh for final Rendering.
Hair Counts Settings Presets: We've added real-life presets to the LAMH pane to make your renders more real. Using Professional Anatomical and Biological References, we've created hair counts presets that match actual human hair color growths.
Hair Colors Settings Presets: Also included are hair color presets that realistically match human hair colors from roots to tips. From Midnight Black to Platinum Blonde, over 20 color presets are available for selection. Each can be tweaked to match your distinct tastes.
Much more that just Fur/Hair: With enhanced instancing, LAMH is the only solution for adding arbitrary objects to ANY surface. Whether it is condensation on a window pane, sweat on the forehead or skin of your character, leaves on a tree monster, mold on the walls of a dungeon, or full featured grasses on the plains, LAMH allows it. To top it off, LAMH uses instances to lower memory use.
New Tools For Creation:
Lasso Selection for both guides and follicles
Lasso Scissors
Sliders for controlling the brush size and sensitivity/intensity
Mirror Guides
Select All/Invert selection
Rotate Feature
Guidehair display color and width changeable
Large and growing library of Presets for free and purchase in the DAZ store...

*A lot of people have had trouble getting the previously uploaded versions of LAMH to work, including myself. I bought this copy, at it has worked for someone else on this site as well as me, so hopefully it will function for the other people who couldn't get other versions to work. Please tell me if it doesn't.*


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5 thoughts on “Look At My Hair 1.6 *WORKING*”

  1. Hi & thanks for uploading this.Appreciated.Can you run through(exactly) how you got it to work please? I am trying to install into DS4.10.After the install,all that shows anywhere is an uninstaller.I realise it must be going somewhere but I cannot find it.
    TIA 🙂

  2. It does not work, every time it prompts for activation and when entering it says " entries has been saved restart dazstudio and enjoy" and while restarting its give same message.

  3. From what I've seen installation is still problematic (especially on DAZ 4.10+, and especially to those with custom installation directories). A much better thing will be to post the DAZ Installer file (called something like IM00015548-01_LookAtMyHair) which would install everything in the proper directories. Then, you just need to follow the instructions on how to register by the Author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrUbkY3SKmQ

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