Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit 3

Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit 3

Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit 3

Introducing the Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Merchant Resource Kit Volume 3! This package contains 84 unique new head shaping morphs that you can use to create your own custom Genesis 3 Female characters. See the features list for a full list of all the included morphs!

This package is a merchant resource. This means you may use these morphs included in the Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit 3 in combination with your own modeling to create beautiful new characters for the Genesis 3 Male for resale or brokering. See important notes on usage permissions and restrictions on this product’s read-me page.

All morphs are grouped in one convenient place for easy access. All Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit 3 morphs can be found in the following Genesis 3 Female region (and sub-regions): Actor/Head/HSTW Head Morph Kit 3.

More Genesis 3 Morph Resource Kits to Come!

What’s Included and Features
This Bundle Includes:
Head Morph Kit 3 RESET ALL (.DUF)
Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit 3:
African 01
African 02
Apache 01
Asian 01
Asian 02
Brows Nose Bridge Shape
Cheek Nostril Proportion
Cheekbones High
Cheekbones Sculpt
Chin Area Shape 01
Chin Area Shape 02
Chin Area Shape 03
Chin Area Shape 04
Chin Area Shape 05
Eyes Area Skin 01
Eyes Socket Shape
Eyes Stylized Shape 01
Eyes Stylized Shape 02
Eyes Stylized Shape 03
Face Exotic Thin
Face Fae 01
Face Fae 02
Face Mix 01
Face Mix 02
Face Mix 03
Face Mix 04
Face Mix 05
Face Mix 06
Face Mix 07
Face Mix 08
Face Mix 09
Face Mix 10
Face Mix 11
Face Mix 12
Face Mix 13
India Face
Lacrimals Reduce
Lashes Curl Lower
Lashes Curl Upper
Lashes Length Lower
Lashes Length Upper
Lashes Sweep 01
Lashes Sweep 02
Lip Low Define 03
Lip Low Full Define 01
Lip Low Full Define 02
Lips Shape Center 01
Lips Shape Center 02
Lower Face Shape 01
Lower Face Shape 02
Lower Face Shape 03
Mouth Corners 02
Mouth Corners In
Mouth Parts Front-Back
Mouth Parts Scale All
Mouth Parts Scale X
Mouth Parts Scale Y
Mouth Parts Scale Z
Mouth Parts Up-Down
Mouth Relaxed Pout
Mouth Shape 01
Mouth Shape 02
MouthShape 03
MouthShape 04
MouthShape 05
MouthShape 06
Nose Down Flat 02
Nose Flat 02
Nose Large
Nose Nostrils Flare
Nose Round
Nose Septum Adjust
Nose Shape 01
Nose Shape 02
Nose Shape 03
Nose Shape Upturned
Nose Sharp 01
Nose Sharp 02
Nostrils Inner Realism 01
Nostrils Inner Realism 02
Nostrils Inner Realism 03
Nostrils Smaller 01
Nostrils Smaller 02
Upper Cheeks Back
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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