📣 Request Thread Rules. Updated 11 July 2020

📣 Request Thread Rules. Updated 11 July 2020

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    Members may make no more than two new requests in any 24 hour period.
    These may or may not be for multiple items, at the discretion of the requester.
    It is also recommended that the initial request on a thread be not in excess of 10 items.
    Too exhaustive a list will minimise the chances of members being bothered to read through it all.

    This is a sharing site.

    Once a request has been filled, the asset supplied should ideally be publicly posted within one week.
    After that, any member is free to post said item.

    If the supplier wishes to delay the posting of the asset they have supplied to the site, it should be stated within the original request thread to avoid any confusion.
    When PMing the link, it is best practice to link to the request thread concerned, so that the member offering the bounty can easily check the amount of points they were offering for the item.
    If you are in receipt of a link by PM please check the request thread to verify the amount of points you offered. If you hover over the screen name in the message, you will see a pop up of the member name to transfer the points to.
    Please transfer points promptly as otherwise blog posting will be further delayed.

    Members should be aware though, that in the mean time another member might post the item publicly at any point anyway.

    The supplier has first rights to the site posting & should state when fulfilling the request
    whether they intend to post the item publicly, or are declining that right.
    The second posting right goes to the requester. ie. the author of the request thread.
    In the event of receiving posting rights, the requester should then state in the request thread whether they intend to post the item.

    ( For instance, a supplier may wish to decline if they have obtained the item from a pirate pay site that
    hypocritically bans members for sharing items, or if they feel it may be likely to be subject to a take down notice.
    If the latter is the case, all members should be aware of the risk of publicly posting the item concerned.
    Hosting sites will not tolerate too many vendor take down notices & might terminate the uploader’s account
    If you are not prepared for that risk & wish an anonymous posting PM an Admin:

    @Tomsk @Eelgoo @Hunter ).

    Request threads will be locked when fulfilled, but not deleted until the item(s) are publicly posted on site.
    Please do not offer bounties after a request has been fulfilled, or open a new request for the same item(s) as this encourages delaying the blog posting of the items.

    When a request thread is fulfilled & all points have been exchanged, the supplier of the final requested item should tag @tomsk or @monkseye to draw their attention for thread deletion.

    ⛔🚫 Public personal attacks on any forum on this site will not be tolerated & may result in an instant ban.
    If anyone needs to lodge a complaint about any member it should be done via PM to the Forum Moderator.

    * By using this website, you will be deemed to have accepted these Site Rules.
    We reserve the right to change these Site Rules at any time without prior notice.
    In the event that any changes are made, the revised Site Rules shall be posted on this website immediately.
    Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.

    ** Do not reply to this post. Your reply will be deleted. **

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