Elemental Jewelry: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water

Elemental Jewelry: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water

Elemental Jewelry: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water
Elemental Jewelry is a pack of necklaces and earrings featuring the 4 elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. High fantasy jewelry that is carefully sculpted and will give your creations a outstanding look! A must have!

All the necklaces can be posed and adjusted to any Genesis 2 character using the morphs included. You can also swing them to left and right, and change the size of the main ornament to make it look big and heavy or small and delicate. You can also hide some parts like the seahorse in the Water Necklace (and turn it into a casual pearls necklace) or the birds in the Wind necklace.

All the earrings are articulated and include morphs to move in all possible angles and turn the ornaments without deformation, and

also size morphs to make it bigger or smaller. Each earring is independent for each ear, you can use only one or both.

In all the pieces you have full material presets of great beauty, plus partial material presets and some hide options. Using these and the morphs, you can achieve the look you wish with ease.

All the set works both in DAZ Studio and Poser (with DSON).

Descriptions and materials:

- Earth Jewels: The Green Man, a symbol or rebirth and growth and everything that is natural, will guide you to the underground lands of the unknown. Perfect for druids, elves, earth creatures, or to give an arcane or mysterious touch in every occasion. Several options of metal or green or brown leaves, and partials to mix the different Celtic necklaces and cords with the different face materials.

- Fire Jewels: A dragon that guards a burning sun, symbol of wisdom and power. Customize it choosing between the included jewels and metals.

- Water Jewels: The seahorse and pearls is a symbol of the subaquatic world. You can also hide the seahorse on the necklace and you get an awesome pearls necklace for your casual renders. Mix and Match seahorse and pearls partial materials and do your own combination

- Wind Jewels: The amazing song of the fantastic bird flies through wind swirls in a distant land. You can hide the bird and get an all-purpose necklace for many themes too. Partials for different metals and precious stones can be mixed as you wish.


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