dForce Parental Advisory T-Shirt (price = 500 points!)

dForce Parental Advisory T-Shirt

dForce Parental Advisory T-Shirt

material preset with dForce enabled

you need the “dForce Wardrobe & Shaders 1 for Genesis 8 Female(s)” asset for this to work!

install it with DIM, then find it in “/Presets/Materials/PPG” and apply it to the “T Shirt HD”

Required Product:dForce Wardrobe & Shaders 1 for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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5 thoughts on “dForce Parental Advisory T-Shirt (price = 500 points!)”

  1. I have fallen for the same thing. I realized after clicking purchase. This is like the 3rd time in a year it’s happened. I wish if the price was more than the usual 50 it had to have it in the title or in 24 point font in the description.

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