Catgirl Megapack for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Catgirl Megapack for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Catgirl Megapack for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Catgirl is back, and she’s better than Ever.

Catgirl for Genesis 8 Female, or Miss Kitty as she likes to be called comes with fully rigged Geograft bodyparts, Geograft Cat Ears that can be individually moved, Geograft Tail with 36 separate bones for the smoothest bending possible helped along by Cascading pose controls which allow for pinpoint accuracy in posing the tail into practically any shape you might need. Geograft Hands and feet with the ability to pose every finger and toe.

She also comes with a set of poseable Whiskers, and cat Eyebrows as well as furry cuffs for the arms and legs. Her long hair is also fully poseable and not only has hair colors that match every Cat but also comes with blonde, red and brown hair for those who want to use the parts with their own textures to create their own cosplay girls, as well as a white texture which is perfect for quickly whipping up your own hair color Variations.

Our Cat also Comes with a Collar complete with posable Bell so Tweety knows when she is around. In addition, Miss Kitty Comes with a Complete cheerleader style dForce Outfit of Cropped Tank, Pleated skirt, and panties customized for Miss Kitty’s long tail. This time around we blew the doors out with not just a couple of texture sets but a Full dozen Full body textures with matching textures for all the body parts. And the clothing wasn’t short-changed either with the ability to create literally hundreds of different color combinations

There are also a pair of utility mat with a script for the ears and tail which allow you to apply your base figure texture to the ears and tail at their bases for your cosplay shots if you want it to look more like they are props rather than being part of the figure.

Catgirl Megapack for Genesis 8 Female(s) (.DUF)
Catgirl Arm Cuffs:
Catgirl Ear Patches
Catgirl Ears:
Ears Rounded
Ears Flatten
Inner Hair Move-Left
Inner Hair Move-Right
CatGirl Eyebrows
Catgirl Feet:
Claws In-Out
Catgirl Hands:
Claws In-Out
Catgirl Leg Cuffs:
Flair Cuffs
Fluff Out
Tighten Ankles
Top Shaggy
Catgirl Tail:
Bend Tail
Fluffy Tail
Side-Side Tail
Tail Longer-Shorter
Tail Point
Tail Point Shorter
Tail Thick-Thin
Twist Tail
Catgirl Whiskers
Catgirl All Bodyparts
Catgirl All Clothing Preset
Catgirl Collar
Catgirl Panties:
Catgirl Skirt:
Skirt Length
Tail Clearance
Catgirl Top:
Top Longer
Catgirl Hair:
Left In-Out
Mess Hair
Move Outer Strands
Right In-Out
Side Side Wave
Spread Hair Ends
Supported Shapes:
Bridget 8
Caryn 8
Charlotte 8
Stephanie 8
Sydney 8
Tasha 8
Girl 8
Karyssa 8
Breast Shape 01-08
Breast Heavy
Breast Diameter
Breast Size
Breast Implants
Catgirl Blond Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Blond Eyebrows
Catgirl Blond Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Blond Whiskers
Catgirl Brown Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Brown Eyebrows
Catgirl Brown Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Brown Whiskers
Catgirl Red Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Red Eyebrows
Catgirl Red Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Red Whiskers
Catgirl White Arm Cuffs
Catgirl White Eyebrows
Catgirl White Leg Cuffs
Catgirl White Whiskers
Catgirl Eyelashes Black&Gray
Catgirl Eyelashes Cheetah
Catgirl Eyelashes Cinnamon
Catgirl Eyelashes Glow Teal Blue
Catgirl Eyelashes Orange
Catgirl Eyelashes Siamese
Catgirl Eyelashes Teal Blue
Catgirl Eyelashes Yellow
Catgirl Eyes Blue
Catgirl Eyes Brown
Catgirl Eyes Gold
Catgirl Eyes Green
Catgirl Eyes Lavender
Catgirl Eyes Orange
Catgirl Eyes Periwinkle
Catgirl Eyes Pink
Catgirl Eyes Silver
Catgirl Eyes Teal
Catgirl Eyes Yellow
Catgirl Glow Eyes Teal
Catgirl Kitty Black Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Kitty Calico Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Kitty Gray Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Kitty Siamese Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Kitty Tabby Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Cheetah Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Lion Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Tiger Blue Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Tiger Cinnamon Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Tiger GlowBlue Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Tiger Orange Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Tiger White Full Hierarchal
Catgirl Wild Tiger Yellow Full Hierarchal
Catgirl G8F Kitty Black
Catgirl G8F Kitty Calico
Catgirl G8F Kitty Gray
Catgirl G8F Kitty Siamese
Catgirl G8F Kitty Tabby
Catgirl G8F Wild Cheetah
Catgirl G8F Wild Lion
Catgirl G8F Wild Tiger Blue
Catgirl G8F Wild Tiger Cinnamon
Catgirl G8F Wild Tiger GlowBlue
Catgirl G8F Wild Tiger Orange
Catgirl G8F Wild Tiger White
Catgirl G8F Wild Tiger Yellow
Catgirl Collar Metal Blue
Catgirl Collar Metal Copper
Catgirl Collar Metal GlowTeal
Catgirl Collar Metal Gold
Catgirl Collar Metal PeriFrost
Catgirl Collar Metal Pink
Catgirl Collar Metal Red
Catgirl Collar Metal Salmon
Catgirl Collar Metal Silver
Catgirl Collar Metal Steel
Catgirl Collar Metal Teal
Catgirl Collar Metal WhiteGold
Catgirl Collar Strap Black
Catgirl Collar Strap Blue
Catgirl Collar Strap Brown
Catgirl Collar Strap Glow Orange
Catgirl Collar Strap Gray
Catgirl Collar Strap Green
Catgirl Collar Strap Lavender
Catgirl Collar Strap Orange
Catgirl Collar Strap Periwinkle
Catgirl Collar Strap Pink
Catgirl Collar Strap Rust
Catgirl Collar Strap White
CatGirl Panties Main Black
CatGirl Panties Main Blue
CatGirl Panties Main Brown
CatGirl Panties Main Gray
CatGirl Panties Main Green
CatGirl Panties Main Lavender
CatGirl Panties Main Orange
CatGirl Panties Main Periwinkle
CatGirl Panties Main Pink
CatGirl Panties Main Rust
CatGirl Panties Main White
CatGirl Panties Trim Blue
CatGirl Panties Trim Copper
CatGirl Panties Trim Gold
CatGirl Panties Trim PeriFrost
CatGirl Panties Trim Pink
CatGirl Panties Trim Red
CatGirl Panties Trim Salmon
CatGirl Panties Trim Silver
CatGirl Panties Trim Steel
CatGirl Panties Trim Teal
CatGirl Panties Trim WhiteGold
CatGirl Skirt Main Black
CatGirl Skirt Main Blue
CatGirl Skirt Main Brown
CatGirl Skirt Main Gray
CatGirl Skirt Main Green
CatGirl Skirt Main Lavender
CatGirl Skirt Main Orange
CatGirl Skirt Main Periwinkle
CatGirl Skirt Main Pink
CatGirl Skirt Main Rust
CatGirl Skirt Main White
CatGirl Skirt Trim Blue
CatGirl Skirt Trim Copper
CatGirl Skirt Trim Gold
CatGirl Skirt Trim PeriFrost
CatGirl Skirt Trim Pink
CatGirl Skirt Trim Red
CatGirl Skirt Trim Salmon
CatGirl Skirt Trim Silver
CatGirl Skirt Trim Steel
CatGirl Skirt Trim Teal
CatGirl Skirt Trim WhiteGold
CatGirl Top Main Black
CatGirl Top Main Blue
CatGirl Top Main Brown
CatGirl Top Main Gray
CatGirl Top Main Green
CatGirl Top Main Lavender
CatGirl Top Main Orange
CatGirl Top Main Periwinkle
CatGirl Top Main Pink
CatGirl Top Main Rust
CatGirl Top Main White
CatGirl Top Trim Blue
CatGirl Top Trim Copper
CatGirl Top Trim Gold
CatGirl Top Trim PeriFrost
CatGirl Top Trim Pink
CatGirl Top Trim Red
CatGirl Top Trim Salmon
CatGirl Top Trim Silver
CatGirl Top Trim Steel
CatGirl Top Trim Teal
CatGirl Top Trim WhiteGold
Catgirl Black Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Black Ear Patches
Catgirl Black Ears
Catgirl Black Eyebrows
Catgirl Black Feet
Catgirl Black Hands
Catgirl Black Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Black Tail
Catgirl Black Whiskers
Catgirl Calico Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Calico Ear Patches
Catgirl Calico Ears
Catgirl Calico Eyebrows
Catgirl Calico Feet
Catgirl Calico Hands
Catgirl Calico Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Calico Tail
Catgirl Calico Whiskers
Catgirl Gray Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Gray Ear Patches
Catgirl Gray Ears
Catgirl Gray Eyebrows
Catgirl Gray Feet
Catgirl Gray Hands
Catgirl Gray Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Gray Tail
Catgirl Gray Whiskers
Catgirl Siamese Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Siamese Ear Patches
Catgirl Siamese Ears
Catgirl Siamese Eyebrows
Catgirl Siamese Feet
Catgirl Siamese Hands
Catgirl Siamese Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Siamese Tail
Catgirl Siamese Whiskers
Catgirl Tabby Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tabby Ear Patches
Catgirl Tabby Ears
Catgirl Tabby Eyebrows
Catgirl Tabby Feet
Catgirl Tabby Hands
Catgirl Tabby Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tabby Tail
Catgirl Tabby Whiskers
Catgirl Cheetah Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Cheetah Ear Patches
Catgirl Cheetah Ears
Catgirl Cheetah Eyebrows
Catgirl Cheetah Feet
Catgirl Cheetah Hands
Catgirl Cheetah Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Cheetah Tail
Catgirl Cheetah Whiskers
Catgirl Lion Ears
Catgirl Lion Feet
Catgirl Lion Hands
Catgirl Lion Tail
Catgirl Tiger Blue Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Blue Ear Patches
Catgirl Tiger Blue Ears
Catgirl Tiger Blue Eyebrows
Catgirl Tiger Blue Feet
Catgirl Tiger Blue Hands
Catgirl Tiger Blue Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Blue Tail
Catgirl Tiger Blue Whiskers
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Ear Patches
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Ears
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Eyebrows
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Feet
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Hands
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Tail
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Whiskers
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Ear Patches
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Ears
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Eyebrows
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Feet
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Hands
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Tail
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Whiskers
Catgirl Tiger Orange Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Orange Ear Patches
Catgirl Tiger Orange Ears
Catgirl Tiger Orange Eyebrows
Catgirl Tiger Orange Feet
Catgirl Tiger Orange Hands
Catgirl Tiger Orange Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Orange Tail
Catgirl Tiger Orange Whiskers
Catgirl Tiger White Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger White Ear Patches
Catgirl Tiger White Ears
Catgirl Tiger White Eyebrows
Catgirl Tiger White Feet
Catgirl Tiger White Hands
Catgirl Tiger White Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger White Tail
Catgirl Tiger White Whiskers
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Arm Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Ear Patches
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Ears
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Eyebrows
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Feet
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Hands
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Leg Cuffs
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Tail
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Whiskers
CatGirl Top Trim Salmon
Catgirl Black Hair
Catgirl Blond Hair
Catgirl Brown Hair
Catgirl Calico Hair
Catgirl Cheetah Hair
Catgirl Gray Hair
Catgirl Red Hair
Catgirl Siamese Hair
Catgirl Tabby Hair
Catgirl Tiger Blue Hair
Catgirl Tiger Cinnamon Hair
Catgirl Tiger Glow Blue Hair
Catgirl Tiger Orange Hair
Catgirl Tiger White Hair
Catgirl Tiger Yellow Hair
Catgirl White Hair
Textures Include:
178 Texture, Bump, Metallic, Roughness, and Transparency Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)

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