Anilip 2 (IM Installer)

Anilip 2 (IM Installer)

Anilip 2 (IM Installer)

Many of you have the problem with Anilip 2 that it cannot be installed properly or at all with the exe file.
I created an IM installer to enable the installation again.
With this installer, anyone can easily install and use Anilip 2 again.
The installer is only suitable for 64 bit!
Compatibility patch for Genesis 8.1 has been included, but to be honest the support is rather modest.
Genesis 9 requires the purchase of the Additional Expansion ([url=]Emphasized Visemes for Genesis 9[/url]).

Anilip now supports a wide range of input sources as 'Speech Recognition', 'Text to Speech' or 'Cloud Services'.

With Anilip 2 different speech styles can be realized. An entire organ register of possible parameter settings makes the characters whisper, mutter, speak, recite, sing or scream.

SSML tagging is now supported for the TTS input. SSML is a W3C markup language to customize the output of the speech synthesizer (Pronunciation, speed, pitch, amplitude, breaks, etc.).

Speaking has never been so realistic. And never before have artists had so many design possibilities in language animation. Through open interfaces, external voice sources can be integrated. But even your own characters can learn to speak with Anilip 2, because the configurations for all figures are provided in an XML file.

To enable a quick start to the world of lip animation, we provide 4 video tutorials in addition to detailed documentation and sample files for each input source.

Anilip 2 is maintained constantly. The newest release 2.1 offers many new features and bug fixes.

Please note that this plugin does not work on Mac. This product is WINDOWS ONLY.

File Hosting: Google Drive

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