1stB Brookside Path

1stB Brookside Path

1stB Brookside Path

It's life-affirming to get out into nature, and the gentle sound of a babbling brook offers a calming and contemplative effect. Give your characters a chance to get outside and think with 1stB Brookside Path.

This footpath follows high above the water's flow. The water flow is currently low, but depending on the amount of rainfall feeding the river there is evidence of intense flows. It is currently a dry season, and the water flow is light, exposing a small spit of gravel and rock near the river bed. Some dry logs have been caught in the current. Vegetation, grass, and weeds grow well amidst the few deciduous trees that populate the gentle hillside and flowers along the path add to the color palette.

This 3D exterior environment for both Daz Studio 3Delight and Iray render engines with separate scene subset files for each. The entire scene subset loads with 20 plus cameras offering multiple angles to get you moving around the set quickly to find that perfect shot. The footpath is designed to align perfectly with the origin point, allowing a loaded posed figure to become part of the scene quickly and easily.

The 3Delight version includes a physical skydome and Uber Environment 2 lighting setup seen in the promos. The Iray version is set to use whichever HDRI light dome you have in your runtime or the one that comes default with Daz Studio.

1stB Brookside Path is a great locale for modern-day or historical and fantasy renders with plenty of potential for your storytelling!

Please note: The scene takes advantage of Daz Studio's extensive use of vegetation instancing. Characters seen in promo images are for scale size and visualization purposes only and are available separately through Daz 3D store. Remember to use Instancing Memory optimization in your render settings.


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