Valhalla Hair for Genesis 8

Valhalla Hair for Genesis 8

Valhalla Hair for Genesis 8

All Hail Valhalla Hair for your warriors, adventurers, and all kinds of characters!

Valhalla Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s) is an extremely customizable hair with lots of possible looks: with many hair dyes, hideable hair ties, and a helmet that can be shown or hidden (and also a prop version to be used anywhere), with morphs to alter its shape and pieces that can be hidden as you like.

The many materials and hide options included for the hair, helmet and ties can give you such a diversity that this hair will look fantastic in any character concept or genre.

Modeled and shaded with the most efficient techniques to look complex and beautiful, and render in optimal time. It also has NVIDIA Iray shaders optimized for natural-looking hair no matter what lighting you choose to use.

MATERIAL FEATURES: The hair has 20 Classic hair dyes that go from natural colors to fashionable colored dyes, and 10 Highlighted Dyes, making it possible to match the look of any character concept. There are also 8 material presets for the helmet, and 8 material presets for the ties of the braids. You can also hide the ties and the rings in the braids, and you can customize the helmet hiding parts like the metal points of the horns, the horn rings, the studs, the nose protection, or the cheeks protection. With all these options, the customization possibilities are high.

CUSTOMIZABLE HELMET: There is a helmet that is included in the hair that can be shown or hidden. There is also an un-parented prop version of the helmet, that you can use anywhere and with any figure, place it on a table, or put it on a hand to simulate when the character takes the helmet out of their heads, and anything you imagine. The helmet has morphs to make longer horns, set the nose depth, shape the helmet to fit the head and make the top taller.

MORPHING FEATURES: The hair also includes 107 custom morphs, in these 13 categories: Adjust Back, Adjust Chest, Adjust Face, Adjust Shoulders, All Back, Ends Move, Hairline, Helmet, Move, Style, Wind Full, and Wind Partial. With them you can make the hair longer or shorter, give it more volume, make it wider, move it in any direction, put it all back in one or both sides, give a V shape to the back, morph the helmet, and blow it with the wind in all directions.

COMPATIBILITY FEATURES: Works with all the Genesis 8 Male and Female Head and Body Morphs, as all of them have been included when needed, which means full freedom to use any of those morphs in your creations. In addition, we have adjusted the rigging features as much as possible, so it will also work great with custom head morph shapes. If you need some more adjustment, you have morphs for that too both for face and body. Included Genesis 8 Female(s) shapes: Aiko 8, Teen Josie 8, The Girl 8, Victoria 8, and Zelara 8. Other shapes supported by auto-follow. Included Genesis 8 Male(s) shapes: Edward 8, Floyd 8, Michael 8, Ollie 8, and Owen 8. Other shapes supported by auto-follow. If you need some more adjustment, you have morphs for that too.

Valhalla Hair is a must-have for your Genesis 8 Female and Male warrior renders!

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