Terra RVR

Terra RVR

Terra RVR
Going to do some exploring? Want to see the native wilds up close? How about taking a night out on the town? Then look no further, the Terra RVR is just what you need. Drop in on another world or slip through time, doesn’t matter, the RVR is equipped with everything for your weekend excursion.
What’s Included and Features
Terra RVR (.CR2 and .OBJ)
Tires Spin
Front wheels Turns
Front and Rear Suspension Moves Up/Down
And many more Parts to move and hide
10 Material Options (.PZ2 and .DSA)
Blank White
Planet Safari
Either Reflective Mapped or Ray Traced Reflections
Textures Include
1 Texture Map (326×326)
1 Texture Map (500×500)
1 Texture Map (1024×1024)
6 Texture Maps (2048×2048)


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