Sci-Fi Settlement Construction Set

Sci-Fi Settlement Construction Set

Sci-Fi Settlement Construction Set

Off-planet outposts scatter like seeds across the newly found terrain, and why not, land is free for as long as you can keep it…

Much like the wild west, any untamed land can bring out the explorer inside you. If you want to survive it’d be a good idea to bring some friends… not your beer buddies, mind you, but a Biologist, Geologist, and a good Medic.

The Sci-Fi Settlement will give you a leg up with housing quarters, a power hub, and an O2 processor. They said you could breathe the air, but they never said what it might do to you. A large 3 story workshop may bring you in some extra credits to help keep the lights on and the heating stations running.

Get exploring alien planets and the far reaches of the galaxy with the Sci-Fi Settlement Construction Set!

What’s Included and Features
Sci-Fi Settlement Construction Set: (.DUF)
Scene Subsets:
SFS Air Sled
SFS Cargo
SFS Communication Tower
SFS Fence Unit
SFS Hatch
SFS Heater Station
SFS Land Prop
SFS Main Building Set
SFS O2 Can
SFS O2 Converter Set
SFS Power Hub
SFS Single Unit Set
SFS Small Crate
SFS Storage Unit Set
Textures include:
173 Textures, Base Color, Metallic, Normal, Roughness, Transparent and Decals Maps (4096 x 4096)

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