Sci-Fi Game Environment in Blender and UE4

Sci-Fi Game Environment in Blender and UE4

Sci-Fi Game Environment in Blender and UE4


Learn how professional environmental artists work when creating environments for games. You’ll learn techniques like weighted normals, modular workflows, creating atlas textures, high and low poly baking, creating unique textures in Substance Painter, making tileable materials in Substance Designer – and much more!


All the modeling and UV mapping is done in Blender, using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) as the game engine. You’ll learn professional and tested techniques for working with Blender and UE4 together. The foliage will be created using premade free assets from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


Everything is shown in real-time with over 27 hours of content spread over 91 videos! You can follow along with every single step from the first model in Blender to texturing in Painter to lighting in UE4. All hotkeys are also shown, making it easy to follow. No Timelapses!


This game art tutorial is perfect for students who have some familiarity with the tools Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marmoset, and UE4 – but who still consider themselves beginners. We highly recommend this series for students interested in learning how to make environments for games!

Want to learn how to use the software first? Our introduction series has got you covered:

Introduction to Blender
Introduction to Substance Painter
Introduction to Substance Designer

Blender 2.8
Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
Marmoset Toolbag

Emiel Sleegers is a senior environment artist currently working on AAA titles. He’s worked on The Division 2 at Ubisoft and on Forza Horizon 3 at Playground Games as an environment artist.


The inspiration for the tank comes from the great Max Margarit. Check out his ArtStation!

What’s Included and Features
Sci-Fi Game Environment in Blender and UE4
Total Running Time:
27 Hours 36 Minutes
Total File Size:
11.9 GB
Chapter List:
01-10 – Creating Our Blockout – Blender
11-30 – Creating Our Final Models – Blender
31-37 – Creating Our Tileable Materials – Substance Designer
38-45 – Creating Our Decal Atlas – Blender, Marmoset Toolbag
46-51 – UV Unwrapping Our Assets – Blender
52 – Setting Up Our First Substance Painter Project – Substance Painter
53-55 – Adding Our Normal Map Details to the First Asset – Substance Painter
56-59 – Adding Our Base Colors on the First Asset – Substance Painter
60 – Finalizing Our Texture for the First Asset – Substance Painter
61 – Importing Our First Final Asset in Unreal and Fixing Bugs – i
62 – Setting Up Our First Final Asset in Unreal – UE4
63-64 – Adding Normal Map Details to Our Second Asset – UE4
65 – Adding Base Colors to Our Second Asset – Substance Painter
66 – Finish the Texture of Our Second Asset – Substance Painter
67-68 – Adding Normal Map Details to Our Third Asset – Substance Painter
69 – Adding Base Colors to our Third Asset – Substance Painter
70-71 – Creating the Texture for Our Plantholder – Substance Painter
72 – Placing Our Atlas Texture on Our Assets – Substance Painter
73-74 – Setting Up Modular Assets – UE4
75-78 – Doing Our First Lighting Pass – UE4
79 – Adding Decal Lines to the Floor – UE4
80-81 – Adding Our Plants – UE4
82-83 – Balancing our Materials – UE4
84-85 – Creating our Cables – UE4
86-87 – Second Lighting and Polish Pass – UE4
88-89 – Final Polish Pass – UE4
90 – Outro
Software Used:
Marmoset Toolbag
Substance Designer
Substance Painter
File Types:
Assets for Blender and UE4

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