Rigged Ivy Vines

Rigged Ivy Vines

Rigged Ivy Vines

Tired of trying to make static plants fit your building or props? Done with paying for ivy add-ons that only work on one set?

Now you can cover any prop, object, statue, ruin, or building with fully rigged ivy vines!

Rigged Ivy Vines consists of a 6-foot strand with 14 sections, to which are attached 22 leaf bones. Each bone is fully articulated, with 5 additional ERC dials for each axis and multiple ERC presets covering a virtually infinite range of motion, from zig-zags, s-curves, and spirals, to curls, bends, and twists, making it quick and easy to form-fit each vine instance to any surface.

In addition, several morphs are included to curl and bend the leaves, shorten or lengthen the vine without affecting the leaf size, and scale the leaves separately from the vine.

12 pose presets are included, as well as 3 vine group preloads to get you jump-started in common situations, from walls to columns. Use these as a starting point, or simply click and drop.

Iray material presets provide realistic rendering for the 10 English Ivy and 7 Japanese Ivy leaf varieties. Apply any of these textures to any leaf for endless variation, or use any of the 7 full vine material presets provided. Mix and match among multiple vine strands to produce a nearly infinite variety of textures, or apply a single material to every leaf for uniform coverage.

Both front and back leaf materials are provided for instances such as trellises or overhangs where the rear side of the vines would be seen. High displacement settings actually re-shape the geometry on the fly for ultimate realism, allowing light to catch on the surface and cast shadows in the crevices.

Each 6-foot ivy vine strand contains only 832 polygons (3328 at SubD 1), producing a very light load on system resources. Or crank it up to SubD 2 (13,312 polys) with Surface Subdivision set at 3-6 for high-resolution, close-up details.

With Rigged Ivy Vines you’re covered!


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