Magnum 44 Pistol with Accessories

Magnum 44 Pistol with Accessories

Magnum 44 Pistol with Accessories
The 44 caliber 6inch Magnum pistol with accessories.

This model is designed with real world movement in mind. The trigger, Hammer, Safety Switch and Slide can be moved independent of another for animation using the pose controls. The scope and flashlight have no moving parts. There are 2 material settings for the Magnum 44, Silver and Dark Grey. Each are available for 3Delight and Iray.

There is a separate bullet that loads into the barrel of the gun and parented to the Magnum. There is also a separate bullet that will load at the center of the scene not parented to the gun and the magazine can be empty or load with 8 rounds, one bullet prop and 7 instances of that prop. All the props load parented to the Magnum 44 accept the single bullet that loads at the scene center. The flashlight has on/off presets for Iray. The laser does not emit light.

The Magnum 44 can be loaded up as the gun only by itself at the center of the scene and it can also be loaded directly to the left or right hand of Genesis 2 & 3 Male and Female. The left and right preset will load and position the gun plus pose the hand. These will load the gun using Iray shaders. In case you need to change the pose after the gun is loaded, additional hierarchical pose presets are included to restore the hand pose for the gun and reposition the gun.

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