Jun G3F

Jun G3F

Jun G3F
Jun G3F

Meet Jun.
She’s a new mature character, for genesis 3 female, well aged and full of surprises.
She will fit into any role you can think of, from a medival fantasy queen to a high fashion glamour lady. The limit is your imagination.

Her textures have been crafted from high resolution photographs, with CGI industry standard techniques to ensure rich details on every inch of skin.

Material options:
She comes with 9 additional lip colors, 7 additional eyeshadows plus one natural material for both and one material for just the makeup foundation alone. She also comes a Tattoo, for which there are 2 presets to switch it on or off.
Additionally she has 6 different nail polish colors: black, red, berry, pink, blue & green plus a natural material.

Jun is using a displacement map for her facial details, which can be adjusted by using the 3 included material presets: Displacement 100%, Displacement 50%, Displacement off.

All of those materials will be found for Iray & 3Delight.

Her Iray materials contain 2 additional materials to switch between SSS and non-SSS on her teeth as well as 2 material presets regarding just the skin specularity; shiny and default.

And her 3Delight materials have 2 additional presets to decide between a fake eye reflection map or no reflection map and just specularity.

Textures are 4096x4096px

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