Jewelry Set One for Genesis 8 Females

Jewelry Set One for Genesis 8 Females

Jewelry Set One for Genesis 8 Females

This product is a set of the following jewelry items designed to decorate a Genesis 8 Female in Daz Studio.

Earring Spherical Left
Earring Spherical Right

Maze Bracelet Left
Maze Bracelet Right

Bracelet Interlace Left
Bracelet Interlace Right

Bracelet Snake Left
Bracelet Snake Right

Thus we have a pair of earrings, and three bracelets with mirrors (left/right).
The item Earring Spherical is designed as a cutout maze that would mesmerize an ear-whisperer daring to approach our decorated lady. Golden or silver, the spherical maze of the earring is awesome, the hooked ear-whisperer would sure be lost forever.
Matching the Earring Spherical, Maze Bracelet item shows similar pattern cutout on torus.
Two more bracelets — Bracelet Interlace and Bracelet Snake — are included to bring diversity and even more charm. Golden and silver lanes of the Bracelet Interlace can be easily changed by applying a standard or custom shader in one click, as well as by choosing material presets (Golden Interlace or Silver Interlace).
The Bracelet Snake item is another piece of art with special charm for serpent-lovers.

Included are the following Iray material presets.

Silver Earring (set by default)
Golden Earring
Silver Maze (set by default)
Golden Maze
Silver Snake (set by default)
Golden Snake
Silver and Gold Interlace (set by default)
Golden Interlace
Silver Interlace

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