Imperial Coup

Imperial Coup

Imperial Coup
Towering above the ancient city, at the highest point of the vast Imperial governmental complex, sits the Serene Residence.

Countless generations of royal hands have guided the affairs of a vast realm from this stately vantage.

But tonight…as servants glide silently and efficiently about tending to the great house’s countless details, as a new ambassador to the land is presented for the first time, as young nobles come and go…tonight, chicanery is afoot!

Fifteen poses for Genesis 8 couples (mostly male, but with key roles filled by Genesis 8 Female) assist you in setting the action throughout the great tower’s multiple levels. From a hapless housekeeper in the wrong place at the wrong time, to vigorous young loyalists responding directly to the threat wherever they find it on the stairwells, to the top floor, where an alert page sounds the alarm to the concerned High Family and their attendants and guest, multiple tableaus are provided to help you anchor your story of insurrection in progress.

Will the valiant loyalists save the day, bustling the Emperor and his Queen off to safety while the ne’er-do-wells are routed, or will the ancient dynasty fall to anarchy tonight?

Weave what tale you will, but keep your wits as you move about…there’s more afoot in these candlelit galleries than meets first glance!

Required Product:Winterblack Tower

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