Scumbag alert: Haiseki

Scumbag alert: Haiseki

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    I agree, and this is coming from someones who’s first post to the blog was a set of redone iRay materials for a poser freebie.

    The word Scumbag, now thats funny. ha ha ha. I love it.
    That brings back memories of Paul Keating.
    It’s one of many classic insults he would use in parliament.
    (Only an Aussie would understand)

    there are even more problems with dupes being posted…I found this one just now

    dForce H&C Dress Shirt Outfit for Genesis 8 Male

    originally posted Aug 3, 2019 by @Eidersson
    posted again Apr 3, 2020 by @Amberkat
    and once again by @Ryakou yesterday

    As they all seem to have come from Daz, I would assume they are all already in DIM format…

    People who are posting this stuff seem to think just doing a copy/paste from Daz or Rendo in the blog search (if they can be troubled to do THAT much) will most likely miss a past post regardless if the copy was from the items page title or address (seems Daz likes to change things up from time to time about how they name their page addresses – even though any address leads back to the same page). The ideal search would simply be typing in KEYWORDS in the blog search, then actually LOOKING through the results to see if the item to be posted is already there!



    I apologize for my mistake. Yes I just copy/paste the title from DAZ in the blog search. There is zero results if I search for dForce H&C Dress Shirt Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s) but if I search for Dress Shirt Outfit then I can see the results. Thank you @tony0558. I will keep this in mind to avoid the same mistake in the future.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)

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