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@Zemlon I am genuinely baffled by your perspective. OF COURSE people should be able to get more content than they provide, that’s the whole point of piracy is to decentralize ownership and access to content. If you have something that someone else doesn’t, then put it in as many hands as possible and make it available, otherwise what is the point even? Just acknowledge that in piracy, leechers will always vastly outnumber seeders *by design and intent*. It’s always been this way, and is supposed to work this way. One person buys a CD, or DVD, or Video game, or 3d model, or whatever, and gives it out freely to *everyone*, *forever*. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I say this as someone who’s been in the piracy scene since we were doing IRL swaps of floppy disks, when I buy something that I share (thus far, 100% of my store purchases have been shared, on the blog, if they weren’t already there before I got them), I buy it for anyone else who wants it. Why try to control/stop it? It’s literally what you signed up for as a pirate.

As far as dealing with reupping…maybe have stuff that gets taken down be reposted without a link to the mega account directly, but to the user hosting it? That way, we’d both be able to keep them up longer, and also detect/deal with the users who are getting them taken down more easily. More hassle in the short term, but better vetting in the long term?

IDK, I feel like part of this community wants to be like the old warez scene, where you have to know a guy who knows a guy to get in, and you gotta put in some top-tier whatever to get access. But part of that was that, after it was shared in the scene, it was shared all over.

Maybe turning requests into group buys, but having everything bought by the group be handed over to the blog/disseminated is the way to go. *really* decentralize ownership.


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