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Whatever they did, it completely exploded my custom character morph for the first test scene I loaded. Poor girl looks like a deflated, shrunken apple head alien.
Also, the scene spotlights are all fukt. I didn’t spend enough time to look and see what the problem is, maybe I’ll revisit that later when I have time.
ALSO… Studio is back to complaining about new duplicate formulas and missing formula properties, which were not a problem in

So then I go ahead and open the same exact scene in …17 where I last edited it the other day, and voila! No problems, lights are fine, morphs are fine, and scene loads without any warnings or errors.

According to the changelog, focused on fibermesh hair shaders and params, moved to next build of Iray, and screwed around with the core engine.

This is by FAR the very worst beta fail I’ve ever seen out of Daz in an entire decade.
Whatever they did, they really managed to screw the pooch on this one.
Back to the drawing board, DAZ. Get your sh!t together.


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