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at one time I use to care my uploads went to 20 other sites besides this one.
I went as far as to including ZONEGFX messages in the readme and instruction files.
I even edited character thumbnails on a few.
Some cases I added a small random file to track my post.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that it isn’t about the site. When I was on KAT I included my name sometimes but never cared about where the file ended up. I felt like I was paying the community back for sharing with me. People would upload software that cost more than I made in a month. Some places I go I can download entire seasons of a program or the entire library of music from an band. I’ve yet to have anyone demand that I pay them or owe them anything.

I could easily come here and download a few things a day and leave. I stepped away from Daz for several years and came back. There are at least a handful of sites I could visit and get almost everything here for 0 points and 0 hassle. I come here because this is one of the few communities I felt invested in. The way people come together for a contest or try to find old content for people is great. Unfortunately some people would come in and want to restructure a helpful carefree community to a uncaring secretive group that would rather horde phantom money and feed the masses table scraps.

Call it my opinion. Call it whining. Call it pessimistic. It doesnt remove skin from my bones or destroy my already bleak outlook on life but, it doesnt really do anyone else any favors.
So long as one person is seeding a torrent there is hope, Once the seed reaches 0 then you’ve got an incomplete worthless file.

I doubt most of the people here have come close to repaying what they have taken and some have given way more that any other will give. If you’re keeping score dont use points as a reference. Some people give content away for free or have posted without the need for a bounty.

Im off to take a shower and relax.

Please feel free to enter the contest in the contest section. Several people have generously donated points to see what art you can make from the content provided here. It would be nice to see what all these opinions can produce.


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