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All in all it seems to me that the seeders are somewhat getting punishedagain! The pressure seems more lean towards the people that only leech. I never understood how the system allows people to farm 100 points with each visit when I, as a seeder only earn 25 per sale. It should be the other way around, right?!? Hunter tried this for almost a month (of course with adamant and strong opposition from those who benefited from the old ways) but then returned to the old routines. Claiming it was harming the advertisement. That people would leave this web-site if we pushed them too hard. Oh, yeah?! Well that would be the day… My feeling on the contrary is that if this site went down, it would have repercussions to all the 3D piracy world on The Internet. It would take years to build something similar.

I’ve had a dejavû moment throughout in this discussion. This isn’t new if you’re being really honest. This has been going on for years now. Suggestions stay unattended and result in absolutely – nothing. Because it supports the leechers and punish the seeders. And here we go – again… In all honesty I haven’t seen any topic or solid actions against people who’re merely leeching. The suggested regulations lean more towards – the seeders. Surprised? Not me.

There have already been good suggestions and proposals throughout this topic. My experience is that it slowly fades away unattended until the next time. Progress doesn’t seem to be of necessity here. Things remain much the same despite sensible suggestions.

My thoughts about enforcing this, is that people would slowly stop responding to requests. At least of they have thoughts on posting them. I belong to those. As been said here, in all fairness, there’s a need for looking over this request system – as well. Make a limit for it. Say you get to request a certain number of times. Then wait another month before making requests the next time. Another thing, when you’ve requested an item, be sure you have the points to pay what you’ve promised. Or in worse cases, remember to pay what you’ve promised. It shouldn’t be up to the person who responded to your requests to chase you for what you’ve already promised, right?!


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