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@Frank22 “It’s probably Daz rather than the PA that decides sale items.”

I’m sure Daz has a death grip control on their site, but in this case I was talking about on Renderosity and Renderotica.

“Anytime I see a post with “aham okay, the 1 week period ended, someone who got it, please upload it”, my first thought is – yeah, good luck to get anything after that from the original filler…”

I can totatally see that. I’ve encouraged people before in threads and such to post stuff I’ve shared because I’m too lazy or busy to do it. And sometimes I forget to do it, or it’s sits on my to-do list for ages. Personally I never mind if somebody posts it instead of me, but not every one is so lazy / chill / easy-going. People need to learn not to get worked up about stuff so much (…I realize the hypocrisy here and I include myself in the previous sentence)


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