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Most of this started with this inclusion

“In keeping with the site’s TOS, I have the right to ask those I give my files to, not to post them on the ZoneGFX pages, public pages or on other share sites. This file is for your private enjoyment and use, not for the rest of the world yet, I will post it after a time myself to ZoneGFX. Any questions about this feel free to contact Hunter, Monk, AnjaBear or Eelgoo, the moderators.”

One sticky says dont post, another say do post, another says maybe post ect…

People use to post in some cases before they even got all their points. They relied on trust and courtesy. Hell, I posted a ton of old content for everyone rather than uploading it in single files. I could have flooded the site with V3 and old V4 content. Could upload a ton of photoshop books and art books. I wanted to keep it a bit more streamline and sharing was more important that trying to squeeze out a few more points.

There are people that have a few million points that only offer 500 for a product. while others generously give away thousands of points for fun things like contest.


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