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There’s a difference between it existing and encouraging it.
Interesting since what little I know of KAT people posted tons of stuff there for nothing more than a name attached. What do people get in return for the millions of music, movies and books posted online?
I’ve suggested an alternate section for people that post content and letting those download the same day. Then a few weeks later letting the item go public. This way people that actually share get rewarded early for sharing and eventually everyone benefits. It would encourage people to post to get content early.

If nothing went public then do you consider this a good site? Delete everything and make content only accessible through request and private trading of points. As my Aunt would say, “Crap or get off the pot”. Make up your mind. Do you want a share site or a trade site. Do you want everyone to enjoy the content or a few? I doubt this is the go-to site for content because people want to be stingy. That seemed to be the philosophy of a few people twisting the site to their whims.

I literally have more content than I will ever reasonably need. 90 percent of what I download gets stored and will never be used. I pay bounties on the content I really want and MIGHT use.
Should I pay for something that is nothing more than HD space? I’m willing to bet that most if not everyone here doesn’t and won’t use everything they download.


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